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I hate you!

Honestly I haven’t heard those words for a very long time. On the contrary I’ve heard my kids use them often on their mother. I’m not impaling she is a bad mother, she is actually a very good one, but doesn’t know how to handle heated situations. She often argues and yells at the kids and loses her cool.

You all have to understand, when your kids are not understanding something you are trying to tell them and they start to get upset, it’s not the best time to have a conversation. Let them cool off a little. Tell them you both should take some time to think about what happened, and you can discuss it a little later, or the next day.

Take your car for example. If it over heats, are you going to go and open the radiator lid??

NO. You are going to wait for it to cool off, and then slowly open it and add some water. It’s the same with kids. Let them blow off some steam, and when they calm down just add some love.

Trust me it’s very simple, and you will see results from the first time. You will also see that in some of these arguments you were the one at fault.

Cool parents 1 - Hot headed parents 0

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