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Lights out!

Best day of the month for me. Pick a day, preferably on the weekend and make sure everyone will be home. This game has only one rule. Go to the electric box and turn off all the switches, except the fridge, stove, air condition, and if you have a grandparent hooked up to some device leave that on also.

What does that mean. No smart phones, tv, youtube or anything electronic. Light a couple of candles or put some battery-operated night lights in every room and let the fun begin. First, it feels different so its exiting. What will you do, well I’ll tell you what we do.

Tell stories! This is so much fun, everyone’s imagination runs wild cause of the darkness. (except for harry, his stories are always about farts and poop!!) You can tell scary stories, funny ones, tell the kids stories from your past or about their grandparents. I always try to pass a message in my stories.

Board games. Monopoly is so much more fun with candles, though it is much easier for Christina to cheat!! She always cheats.

Shadow puppets. You can’t believe how good you can get, with some practice.

Book reading out loud. Even I was scared reading Stephen Kings IT, in the darkness.

The things to do are countless. Bottom line, you get to spend quality time as a family with no interruptions. Try it, and you will love it!

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