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Pull Over!

Us parents will always see our kids as kids, but after the age of 16-18 depending on where you live, they become adults and can get their drivers license. It’s a great privilege, but it comes with some very important rules. Rules that if broken can be deadly. Sorry to get so serious but with everything happening lately, we must deal with it.

The easiest and best way to pass on rules to our kids is by us first obeying them. You can preach all you want, but if your drinking and driving, texting, speeding and all that crap, so will your kids. So, come on, if you’re out and had a few beers or an extra glass of wine, take a cab, and tell the kids why you did so. If you need to text someone or make a phone call pull over, and tell your kids this is what you do if your phone rings. Late for something? Instead of speeding and going through stop signs pull over and call that you will be a little late. And if the old lady in front of you is going a little slow, teach your kids how to be patient behind the wheel instead of speeding by, giving her the finger and yelling obscenities about her cats!!

Last but not least, if for any reason, you get pulled over by the police, be very clear what needs to be done. It’s not brain science so I don’t know why so many people get it wrong. I don’t care whether you were right or wrong, while being pulled over, is not the right time to argue about it. So, if you see a cop car behind you with flashing lights, it’s a good time to pull over and not start fucking thinking you are playing grand theft auto. Next sit in your car with your hands on the stirring wheel, unless told otherwise, hand over very slowly anything you are asked (driver’s license, registration), and wait to either get a ticket or just a slap on the wrist. When released by the office, drive away, turn on the radio and go about your business. If the officer was right, pay your ticket and don’t do it again, and if he was wrong go to court and fight it.

How simple was that????? No one was arrested, no one was shot, no YouTube videos, nothing. Wake up people!!!!! Teach your kids that sometimes in life they will be treated unfairly, but if they want to be able to fix things they will need to be alive.

Diplomats 1 - Angry people DEAD OR IN JAIL

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