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Lebron James

What the fuck is wrong with you soccer moms or whatever they call you. Only one in a million kids makes it to the pros, but you all yell, scream and argue like your kids the one!

Even if your kid is the chosen one, if you act like a fucking lunatic you will discourage them at some point. Sports are a way for kids to exercise, make new friends and have fun. That’s it.

We had a mother at a soccer game last month throw her coffee at the ref. WTF…. Her kid was good, but hasn’t shown up to practice since. How could he, she made a fool of him. It’s good to encourage our kids to try hard and give it all they got, but do it the right way. Tell him or her before practice or the game everything you want, and then do an overview after the game. Don’t do anything during. First of all, you are giving the other kids reasons to make fun of them, you are distracting them and also stressing them out.

Like I said, only one in a million will become Ronaldo, LeBron or Sharapova. Give your kids a chance to try different things they like and not what you like. Just because you were a great football player doesn’t mean your kid will also be one. Every kid in the world has a talent of some kind!! Help them find it, don’t try to force one on them… won’t work.

Cool parents 1 - Fucking crazy lady 0

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