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Open your eyes...

This poor girl who killed herself live on Facebook, god rest her beautiful soul, was somebody’s neighbor. Mine, yours, someone’s. She was also one of our kid’s classmate, friend, acquaintance. Someone most definitely saw a sign but didn’t act on it. The signs are always there, but unfortunately no one is usually looking.

The minute I read this I called my kids to come and see it. Of course, we didn’t see the video and never would, but I wanted to see their reaction. My daughter’s reaction scared me a little and rejected my earlier claim. She said it’s not true that you could see this coming!!! Kids are good at hiding things if they want too. My son on the other hand who is younger asked me how come no one helped her?

As per my daughter I don’t really agree with her, because I can immediately tell when something is wrong with her. Kids will give you signs, and they want to discuss stuff, but you got to be listening. My daughter also said that allot of her friends keep complaining that their parents don’t listen and they don’t understand. I hate it when friends brush off their kids because they are busy. Something simple to us could be huge to them. Listen to them, talk to them, ask about school, friends, funny stuff that happened, bad stuff that happened. We all care, but you need to show it.

As for my son’s question, I don’t know. Really, didn’t a teacher notice anything, the parents, a friend’s mom or dad? Come on guys this poor little girl is gone, but we can all try and save the next one. Maybe you didn’t know this one, but trust me if we don’t change the next one or the one after could be our neighbor or even worst………

Childhood 0 – Fucked up world 1 :(

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