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Pizza or McDonalds?

First of all, why would you even choose between these two? Would you ladies get your hair done at a 99cent store, or what about you guys, would you get an oil change at a 7-11? FUCK NO! So why would you feed your kids(and yourself) anything but the best? Eat McDonalds and pizza once or twice a month, but 2-3 times a week???? Why don’t you just commit suicide, its quicker!

Instead, how about cooking at home and how about doing it with the kids? Even if you make pizza at home you will definitely use better ingredients. And do it with the kids. Don’t be like don’t do this and don’t do that., let them learn. So what if they make a mess, you can all clean up together at the end. (which can also be fun) And when you have more time on the weekends try making real meals together. There are hundreds of healthy kid friendly recipes ''on the line'', and they even have videos.

I can already hear some of you bitching how you have no time for this!! Why don't you all check your smartphones to see how much time you spend taking selfies of yourself, or making Zuckerberg even richer. Most of you are online for hours.

Spend time with your kids. Before you know it they will be 18 and on their own. Teach them stuff and bond with them, otherwise once 18 they won't want anything to do with you. And when they do leave the house and you haven't taught them how to cook, they will just raise the obesity level which we americans are already world leaders!!


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