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Boys are tougher than girls! (Yeah Right)

Last night was our company’s Christmas party, and I was having a great time. Well, until the phone rang. It was Harry and he was crying!! It seems his sister and her friend left the front door of the house open for about an hour, and he was shitting pickles that someone or something was in the house. Now we are talking about a three-bedroom apartment not a mansion, and even though his mother looked around the house he was still in tears.

It was very easy for me to just tell him “hey, I’m at a party having a good time, toughen up you sissy and get over it”. That would make him a real man, right? Probably turn something so simple into years of therapy.

Since I was only twenty minutes away, I told him I’ll be right over. When I got there, you could tell he was embarrassed but also scared. I sat down and told him of a similar story I had when I was a kid in New York and thought someone was in the basement of our house. I wound up stabbing my mother’s mannequin from work two times, one in the stomach and one in the left boobie! We cracked up and he started to feel better. Then we searched the house inch by inch with some funny moments like looking in the fridge and the toilet bowl, to lighten the mood but also distract him from his sister who was calling him a scary cat, daddy’s boy and a whole lot more, (thankfully I’ve taught him how not to pay attention to her) everything was back to normal!

We then sat on his bed said a couple more stories and even his sister came and sat with us, and we had a great time. Every age every situation just needs a calm attitude and an understanding of how our kid feels that moment, and not how we would want them to react. And ''Voila'' everything was fine. He fell asleep and I was back at the party in an hour and a half.


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